cPanel | webuzo | EasyEngine | Centmin Mod

1. cPanel

2. Webuzo
Medium | charm ux-design | single user control panel | super simple and light installation.

3. EasyEngine
Ubuntu 12.04, 14.04, 16.04 | debian 7 & 8 |  2 rows command line then wordpress & TLS/SSL installed | no need to # systemctl status (name-of-service).service alternately to see service running or not becouse we can see it just by # ee stack start | no need genius to figure it out.

# wget -qO ee && bash ee                   // install easyengine
# ee site create --wp --letsencrypt     // install wordpress on and the free-beta 'https'
                                                    // any requirements:

4. Centmin Mod

‘Xampp’ or ‘easyengine’ of CentOS | complete fundamental tools | enterprise | awesome | easy and helpful.

I don’t talk about cPanel and webuzo, cPanel perfect for enterprise market and webuzo perfect for single user (my thought after trying it).

In what condition EasyEngine bring more benefit?
– If you have small resource like 20 GiB VPS or something like that. Notes, it well with 1 GiB RAM but still running on 512 MB. It was extra light and easy.
– If you don’t need more control of any manual configurations. For a small ex, I try  to remove the wordpress at it main directory, and try to reinstall, can’t. System said “It exist” and some article said better to reinstall ubuntu. I even can’t see the wp database.
– If you use ubuntu or debian.

In what condition Centminmod bring more benefit?
– If more than 1 GiB space for master doesn’t matter for you.
– If you handle some enterprise stuff.
– If you want something that not too manual but not too automatic.

After all, I still choose manual way. Install everything one by one. Why? If there a changes, administrators were get usual with any way of configurations, locations and can spesify changes just what realy-realy-realy need to change, without wipe all system and data.